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Neon isn't just for business, it's for everyone. It's art.
Neon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe. It´s part of the very air that we breath.

Many of the neon signs we produce are for ordinary people for their homes, for gifts and aniversaries, for weddings and birthdays or just as piece illuminated art to stick on their walls. We make neon for everyone!

In saying that, we have made many neon signs for commercial enterprices, for multi-nationals, dentists, bars, vets, restaurants, butchers, barbers, nail bars, clubs, etc.. Some of these neon signs are made for exteriors facias or for interior walls. Some are purely for decoration and others to carry a message.

A piece of neon lasts a very long time if it's looked after. You are talking decades. At Club Neon, we do everything we can to ensure your neon is calibrated to last as long as possible.

Now neon is beginning a new rennaisance, neon can be seen everywhere, it's beautiful luminous light, electrifying the air we breath, exciting and dazzling our eyes with soft coloured light. Neon is not harsh on the eyes, unlike other kinds of lights.

It would be a pleasure to create your neon.

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